LIC: EC-0002892 | CAC-1816143 | EN-215600

Maintenance Plans

Protect Your AC With Regular Maintenance

Blue Plan
Silver Plan

15 point inspection includes:

  • 1-Evaporator coils will be treated with a self-rinse residual cleaner on every visit
  • 2-Motors and drive bearings will be lubricated and cleaned in place
  • 3-Condensate pans will be treated for algae
  • 4-Drains, P-traps, and condensate pumps will be cleaned out
  • 5-Thermostats will be checked for proper operation and calibration
  • 6-Condenser coils-inspect & clean as needed
  • 7-Relays and contacts will be checked for loose or burnt connections
  • 8-Refrigerant charge will be checked
  • 9-Motors will be checked for proper amperage draw
  • 10-Access panels will be properly secured
  • 11-Replace filters if needed
  • 12-Check all high voltage & low voltage connections
  • 13-Clean condenser unit to remove debris & yard waste
  • 14-AHU cabinet cleaned
  • 15-Check pan float switches for operation

Getting Started